February 21, 2013


A Perfect Girly Party!

My own Big Little Girl turns eight in April and has been busy planning her eighth birthday party since her seventh! Her request is for a pamper party combined with a craft party…’erm…ok’ I stammer.

So my usual repertoire of pass the parcel combined with a bit of disco dancing followed by playing the ‘bean’ game and finishing off with bashing the stuffing out of a pinata just isn’t cutting it anymore!

Then I stumble over a fabulous company who make beautiful and delicious smelling bath bombs and soaps…they have recently branched out into children’s parties!!! Bath Fizz and Melt is run by the lovely Siobhan and (unfortunately for me) is based in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland, perhaps I can twist her arm into branching out to Surrey!

What a fabulous idea, pampering and craft rolled into one. The children get to make, wrap and take home a beautiful fragrant fizzy bath bomb and a colourful funky shaped soap. What eight year old girl wouldn’t love these:


Bath Bomb Party

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