Clear Bubble Balloons

Bubble Balloons are perfectly clear and ellipse in shape. These balloons are used by balloon professionals and are often seen at big events and weddings full of confetti or feathers but it is very easy to DIY your own filled bubble balloon. The Bubble is made from stretchy, see-through plastic and stays inflated for around 1.5 – 2 weeks. 

Our Bubble Balloons are sold singly with instructions and a special thin balloon to tie your balloon (you can use ribbon but a 160q modelling balloon tie is much more effective). Choose from 20" and 24" Bubbles. Helium Fill Only.

Please note: These balloons are very different from standard latex balloons so please visit our guide for tips & tricks about using them and also watch the inflation tutorial. If you add things inside your balloon or attach garlands to your balloon be careful to only add tiny amounts as they will not hold much weight. (weight details are contained in our Helium Chart)

To purchase helium click here - Balloon FAQ's click here - Helium Chart click here

Balloon supplied uninflated

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Bubble balloons

Just what I wanted for our celebrations. Perfect balloons for personalising.

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Birthday party

my order arrived on time, the balloon were sensational!
Will come back!

They look very elegant


These don't come assembled so allow yourself enough time for folding the foil into strips and attaching with bands. Looked lovely on the fireplace (not lit!)

Order enough

This only filled 2 numbers and two 16in orbs so definitely order more than you need and note it gets expensive!!! Do a design that allows you to use air and hang upside down and save helium for where you really need it.

Just what I needed

Guess what- it was perfect for a hen party! Top quality.