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Giant Balloon Bouquet Kit - Dinosaur Days


Sometimes all the decor that a party needs is one giant bunch of balloons! Place them in the centre of your party table or next to the cake, put the on a stage, or use as a super-fabulous photo prop! What dinosaur fan would not want a bunch of balloons like these?!

The pack contains everything you will need; Balloons, Balloon Tail (Crepe Paper Streamers), Ribbon and Weight. Simply inflate the balloons,cut and  the streamers and attach by simply tying it on tightly with ribbon. Please do not use the streamers as a tether for your balloon, use a length of balloon ribbon.

(note you will require a Small Helium Canister to inflate this Bouquet)

You will receive:

1 x 51" Giant Apatosaurus Balloon

1 x Foil Star Balloon - Teal Green

2 x Foil Round Balloon - Lime Green

3 x Blue Marble Latex Balloons

2 x 16" Confetti Filled Balloons

3 x 11" Assorted Green Latex Balloons

1 x Crepe Paper Streamer - Turquoise

1 x Crepe Paper Streamer - Emerald Green

1 x Reel of Curling Ribbon (25m)

1 x Star Balloon Weight

nb: This Bouquet requires approx 9 cubic ft of helium to inflate. Our Small Canister contains 9 cubic ft of helium.

To purchase helium click here        Balloon FAQ's click here