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Free UK Standard Shipping for orders over £50

Throwing Confetti - Choose your Colour

Confetti is not just for Weddings! This tissue confetti is perfect for throwing, decorating tables, craft projects and of course to scatter over the bride and groom at a wedding! The shape of this confetti is designed to prolong the the hang-time by spinning as it falls, giving its beautiful characteristic fluttering effect just perfect to capture in photos. This is the confetti that you will see at all the major sports events, TV shows and stage productions. Strictly Come Dancing glam or XFactor party, this confetti will create the perfect atmosphere! You will receive 17g of confetti which is enough for around four handfuls. Pick from our wide range of colours.

If throwing: for best effect throw this confetti upwards high into the air over where you want it to fall.

Weight: 17g      Confetti Dimension: 20mm x 50mm 

The coloured confetti is made from tissue paper and is flame-retardant, colourfast and Biodegradable

The silver and gold confetti is made from plastic and is flame-retardant and colourfast


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