How To Throw A Kids Party That Is Lots Of Fun and Memorable

10 Best kids party products for a super fun party!

Having fun is the no.1 consideration when planning any kids party! We have compiled a selection of what we think are some of the best party products for a fun filled and memorable kids birthday party. We have tried to keep an eye on cost, offering ideas to get the 'most bang for your buck' and also included products that we feel appeal to a wide age range.

CRAZY FOIL SHAPE BALLOON - Woodland Fox Head Balloon £5.99

Best Kids Party products Foil Balloon

Nothing creates a party atmosphere quite like balloons and there is so much choice out there when it comes to choosing balloons! Trust us when we say that nothing lights up kids eyes more than huge shiny crazy shaped foil balloons! We adore this fantastic fox balloon but choose your balloon depending on the child and the party. They are the easiest and most cost effective way of theming a party, just place an enormous unicorn in the centre of the party table and 'voila' unicorn party, Dinosaur for Dinosaur party and so on! We have Crazy Foil Balloons to suit literally every theme!

Another big plus for these balloons is that they stay inflated for weeks! You can also cut costs and inflate with air instead of helium (just insert a straw and blow) and then prop up the balloon, hang it or stick it to a wall. A little known fact is that these balloons are reusable - insert a straw to release the air and fold away ready for the next celebration.

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CONFETTI CANNON - Small Rainbow Confetti Cannon: £2.49

Best Kids Party Products Rainbow Confetti Cannon

When we think of confetti cannons we tend to think of New Year Celebrations and events but use them at a kids party and you will not be disappointed. Kids simply love the anticipation that letting off a cannon creates and then they go completely crazy being showered in the falling confetti. Confetti Cannons help to make a truly memorable and extra-special experience and also create an opportunity to capture some wonderful photos.

We particularly like this small cannon from Ginger Ray full of bright biodegradable confetti, at £2.49 each they definitely create a lot of bang for your buck. We have a huge range of confetti cannons to suit every celebration.

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Fun Shaped Party Plates for Kids Parties
Party tableware can be fun as well as functional. We are big fans of the trend towards a more interactive style of party tableware, paper cups in the shape of rockets and dinosaurs and plates and platters in cool shapes like flamingos, sausage dogs and these cool shark platters by Meri Meri, there are lots to choose from! Tea time is a lot more fun when you get to eat your food off a racing car shaped plate!

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PARTY HATS - Colourful Party Pack of 6 from £3.99

Party Hats For Fun Kids Parties

Wearing party hats at the party table is a tradition in our family, it also makes for a wonderful atmosphere even if they are only worn for the cutting of the cake. Party hats add a little touch of magic making the party that bit extra-special.

Our range of fun kids party hats will add a special cheer to any kids party and will look fabulous in the party photos too!

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LETTER BALLOONS - Foil Letter and Number balloons From £1.99

 Best Kids Party Products - Letter Balloons


Instantly personalise your kids party and add impact with foil letter balloons. Either spell out your child's name or get creative and use them to theme your party by spelling out things like 'ROAR' or 'GOAL' for instance.

The great thing about these balloons is that they have tabs for hanging so don't need helium, although the big ones can be helium filled if you prefer. Also they last for weeks even months and can be topped up with a bit more air if looking a little deflated - so they make perfect kids bedroom decor for after the party! Like all foil balloons they can be flattened and reused again.

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NOISEMAKERS - Pastel Party Horns £2.99

Best Kids Party Supplies - Party Horns

OK so us grown ups may not be the biggest fan of party horns and noisemakers but this is all about creating fun for the kids, it's safe to say that kids just adore blowing on these little trumpets! If you include these at your childs party you will be a very popular parent!

These pretty pastel horns make great little place names, write each child's name on them and pop on the table setting. Another idea is to put them inside a pinata as an alternative treat to sweets. We have a range of these fun and inexpensive party noisemakers.

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BALLOON GARLAND INSTALLATION - Custom Made Balloon Garland Kit £25.99

Best Kids Party Balloons - Balloon Garland

This looks like the work of balloon professionals but actually making a balloon garland requires no expertise or experience and is a lot of fun. We have two kits to choose from. One smaller – the 2.5 metre kit  and the larger 5 metre kit. In terms of colour – you’re the boss, and can choose up to six shades. The kit will arrive to you in a box with instructions and everything else you need to create an amazing party centerpiece!

For an instant joy-full vibe, hang your garland over the party table, above the entrance, over the cake table or everywhere else that you please. They can be made in advance of the party and transported there and will look terrific for weeks! Real value for money and bang for your buck!

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Pinata for Fun Kids Parties

Pinata's are a tradition that hail from Mexico but they are fast becoming a Kids Party favourite here in the UK. Because they are so large and eye catching they double up as a centerpiece and party decoration as well as keeping the kids entertained for a finale of a party game!

Fill them with whatever you fancy, confetti, sweets or toy prizes! Made purely from card and paper. Note they don't come with a stick but a large wooden spoon or child's bat works well.

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GIANT ROUND BALLOONS - Big Round Balloon Mint £3.99

Best Kids Party Balloons - Giant Round Balloon

These enormous (1m diameter) round balloons are often seen decorating weddings and large events but they go down an absolute storm at kids parties! Fill with helium and use as a showstopping centrepiece, or, better still turn them into a fun activity; fill with sweets and blow up with air and let the kids chase them around until they burst releasing their loot! They are 100% latex so fully biodegradable.

This mint green one is super popular but we have 40 colours to choose from here!

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CREPE PAPER STREAMERS - Crepe Paper Streamer 24.5m from £1.49

 Crepe Paper Streamers

I struggle to think of a cheaper or more effective way to decorate a large party space than with crepe paper streamers. Buy a handful of rolls (24.5m each) in a variety of colours to match your theme, hang from corner to corner, twisting the streamer as you go...they transform a dull space into an instant fiesta! They have lots of other fun uses too; hang vertically to create a backdrop of photo booth, attach to balloons to create tassels, hang from trees for a dreamy garden party, create a crepe paper streamer curtain to divide a space, create a colourful door curtain for a cute party entrance, their uses are pretty much endless and with 22 colours to choose from the world is your streamer!

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Round Up - Best Kids Party Products

So there you have it, ten awesome party products that will make your little party guests squeal with delight and leave you feeling extremely chuffed that you have pulled off the party of the decade!

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