Fringe Tassel Tail Balloons

You may remember last year I posted a D.I.Y how to make tassel tails for big balloons. Well I thought I would share with you a little balloon-tail cheat. 

Tassel tails, (although they look amazing) are quite time consuming to construct, a very quick cheat to achieve a similar effect is to add fringe garland tails to your balloons. 

Trust me kids love these, so for a cheap but 'jaw-dropping-wow' feature to a child's party add fringe tassel tails to your balloons, these are also beautiful for weddings and can be achieved in practically no time and at very little cost. They also make a beautiful little gift for a birthday, baby shower etc.

Fringe Festooning comes in 5m lengths (more than enough for 5 balloons if you use just one strand), combine a couple of colours and strands for best effect. Simply attach the garlands to the tied base of the balloon with a little piece of glitter tape. These garlands are stronger than you might think but if you are using with Big Balloons which have a strong pull when full of helium, tie a piece of strong ribbon before adding the garlands and use the ribbon as the length to be held/tethered.

Our Fringe Garland comes in eleven gorgeous shades, have fun creating your own balloon-tails.

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