Easter Party Picks

by Jo Williams April 09, 2014

Easter is less than a fortnight away but there is still plenty of time left to plan a gorgeous Easter Party! Here are our top picks to make sure your party is hopping fabulous!

1. Pastel Egg Boxes | 2. Tiny Weeny Balloons | 3. Hand Made Paper Bunting | 4. Candy Honeycombs | 5. French Square Milk Bottles | 6. Geometric Washi Tape

Jo Williams
Jo Williams


Jo Williams is the Creative Director of Pretty Little Party Shop. Jo has been the spearhead of creating new party trends for over six years. There is no-one better qualified to bring you the newest, coolest and most innovative ideas from the party and balloon world.

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Birthday party

my order arrived on time, the balloon were sensational!
Will come back!

They look very elegant


These don't come assembled so allow yourself enough time for folding the foil into strips and attaching with bands. Looked lovely on the fireplace (not lit!)

Order enough

This only filled 2 numbers and two 16in orbs so definitely order more than you need and note it gets expensive!!! Do a design that allows you to use air and hang upside down and save helium for where you really need it.

Just what I needed

Guess what- it was perfect for a hen party! Top quality.