Easy Easter Basket DIY - Easter Basket Tutorial

Easter is just days away and today we were busy decorating our Easter Table. The children got to work cutting branches and flowers from the garden and hanging their collection of eggs and other seasonal bits and bobs. Once their masterpiece was completed they decided it needed a little something extra so we got to work and made some cute little hanging baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill next Sunday.

 DIY Easy Easter Hanging Baskets 

These baskets are just so simple to make! All you need are baking cups and masking tape and tissue paper (we used pieces of tissue garland), no scissors or glue required (my kind of crafting)

Take a Baking Cup and some co-ordinating masking tape (washi Tape)

Lie a piece of masking tape (aprox 8" long) sticky side up

Cover with another piece of masking tape sticky side down. leave an inch at either end uncovered. This will make the handle.

Stick your handle inside the baking cup and secure with an extra piece of tape.

Pop some shredded tissue paper or garland into the basket and put somewhere for the Easter Bunny to find and fill!

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