Easy DIY Decorated Wooden Spoons

The wooden cutlery in our shop has simply been flying off the shelves this summer! It is simple and stylish just as it is but there are some great idea's out there to pretty-up plain wooden cutlery to make it that bit extra-special.

The lovely Michelle from The Purple Pumkin Blog suggested decorating wooden cutlery with washi tape, glitter and napkins (I can't wait to try the glitter!) and Lucy from the marvellous blog Capture By Lucy  gave me the idea of painting the ends of the cutlery.

This morning, armed with three little girls requiring something to keep them busy, I decided to try out dipping the ends of wooden spoons in paint...great idea until I discovered we were very short on paint! Quick improvisation and I collected up all the nail polish from the bedrooms that I could find and we got busy. It was so easy, just a couple of coats of varnish on each side, these are the results!
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