Valentine Heart Balloon Fancies - Easy Tutorial

We recently added little 6" heart balloons to our collection so of course we had to try them and test them out! We created these oh so cute balloon fancies:

These little balloon wands are very easy and quick to create.

You will need:

6" heart balloons - paper straws - mini honeycomb balls - tissue paper/mylar paper - bakers twine - sticky tape (we also used some glitter tape)


- Simply attach your balloon using tape to the end of a paper straw (make sure the balloon base is very close to the straw or it will wobble around rather than stand proud)

- Make your tassels using tissue paper or metallic mylar paper, the process is the same. See this great tutorial for tassels!

- Once you have your tassels attach one to a 7" piece of bakers twine and then thread the bakers twine through a mini honeycomb ball giving the effect that the tassel is hanging from the bottom of the ball. Then simply tie the twine to the top of the straw, you could add a little bit of coloured or glitter tape to the top of the straw to finish off.

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