Balloon Centrepiece Tutorial

There is something about mini balloons that is just so appealing! I love to use them for party decor and have blogged about lots of uses for them in the past such as cupcake toppers, backdrop decorations and table place-name holders. Here is a way to turn them into a cheerful and wacky centerpiece for your party.


You will need: Aprox 25 Tiny Balloons (5" Balloons) -  a stick or length of bamboo (approx 60cm long) - thread - glue or glue dots.

1. Firstly inflate your balloons to around 4" (10cm) and tie.
2. Using thread start to tie the balloons onto the stick, start at one end of the stick, tie a knot around the balloon's end and then double knot onto the stick. 
3. Continue along the stick tying the balloons at regular intervals.
4. Add balloons until it's too fiddly to tie on anymore.
5. For the next stage I used a glue gun which had been heated and then switched off so that the glue was not piping hot (really hot glue will burst the balloons). You can use a cold glue gun or glue dots will also work well. Liberally apply the glue to the remaining balloons and stick them on top of the already fastened balloons, use the balloons to fill in the gaps until you are happy with the look of your centerpiece. 

The same method works well for a wall hung decoration too but I would advise you to hang the decoration once the balloons have been tied on and then glue the remaining balloons in situ.


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