Welcome to Wonderland

Posted by Jo Williams

Welcome to Wonderland

Children (and lets face it most grown ups) everywhere continue to be enchanted by Alice in Wonderland. The magical world that Lewis Carroll created so full of vivid images and unforgettable characters makes it simply perfect to recreate as a childs party theme. From giant mushrooms, and oversized teacups to magical treats requesting guests to 'drink me' and 'eat me', a trip to wonderland is every childs dream.

My very talented friend Abigail (a self confessed 'party freak') created such a party for her daughters eighth Birthday. Abigail is a professional photographer and took the opportunity to capture her gorgeous daughter in an Alice Concept Shoot while she was dressed in her party outfit. How beautiful are these photos!

To see more of Abigails work go to http://abigailfaheyphotography.com


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