Vintage Milk Bottle Love


Mini milk bottles are a huge trend at weddings, parties and events. These cute little bottles have been spotted as table settings, floral arrangements, hanging decorations and to serve alcoholic drinks, milk with cookies and smoothies, the list is seemingly endless.  Do we simply love these bottles because of their classic simplicity of design or is there more behind our adoration of these tiny little bottles of loveliness?


In 1944 the Eduction Act in the UK provided free milk (1/3rd pint) and meals to everyone under 18. This age was reduced to under 11 in 1968 and in 1971 Margaret Thatcher withdrew free milk from children over 7 years old, this age has since been reduced to 5. many off us remember having  glass bottled milk at school before it was delivered in cartons, my husband has an old bottle that he has kept from his school days (don't tell the teacher).

Could our love for these mini glass bottles come from the nostalgic memories we have of pushing paper straws through silver caps of tiny bottles at break time, or the excitement and anticipation of who will be chosen as milk monitor. For me they are little bottles of childhood, they conjur up ideas and memories of youth and wholesomeness, a little reminder of days before tetra-packs and the health and safety police, where we skipped to school on our own and ate penny sweets from paper bags.  Maybe our Grandchildren will be serving drinks in square paper cartons at their weddings...perhaps not.

Whatever the reason we love them, it looks like these lovely mini bottles will be making an appearance at many a 'Do' for years to come, here are a few ideas as to what to do with yours:

Mini Milk BottlesMini Milk BottlesMini Milk Bottles

Milk Bottle Vases by Colour Me Pretty at Decor8

Wedding Drinks by QueenslandBrides

Mini Milk Bottles and Party Rings by LoveSweetMaries

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