DIY Fringe Garlands

 The sun is out, the Snowdrops are nodding their tiny heads and I am making plans for some gorgeous spring-time parties.

This morning I have made some pretty fringe garlands that I am going to use for a cute little one years old party next week. Fringe is BIG for 2013 and this delicate spring time colour palette is oh so sweet. I thought I would share with you how to make these, they are incredibly easy and extremely cheap!

Fringe Paper Garlands 

These garlands make any party look amazing but also create a fabulous backdrop for photo opportunities

You will need: Crepe Paper 50x250cm and Sharp Scissors

I use have used the folded rolls of inexpensive craft crepe paper for this project, you will be able to make 5 approx 3.5m Garlands from one pack – Pullingers have a great range of gorgeous colours for £1 each.

Instructions paper garlands 

Your Garland can be whatever size you wish, for this project I have used 10cm lengths as you get 5 out of each pack. Use sharp scissors and cut straight through the folded crepe.

Frnge paper streamer 

Now unfold your length of crepe paper and gently stretch it out. you will find that has quite a lot of stretch in it but be gentle. You may need two people to do this, I stretch it over my lap stretching small sections as i go. Once completely stretched re-fold

Paper streames Instructions 

You will need sharp scissors for this. Cut along the unfolded edges of the crepe paper. only cut a third of the way not right to the middle, try to make the cuts as close together as you can as this will make the fringe really delicate. Take your time but the great thing about these is they are very forgiving so you need not be too precise. 

Paper garland nstructons 

 Continue and do both sides, remember to leave room in the middle.


 now you can unfold your garland, tease it apart gently, it is well worth taking your time with this so to not rip the paper.

Frnge Paper Garland 

And there you have it, beautiful fringe garlands. Around 17m for £1 it’s well worth the effort! Enjoy

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