My Pretty Little Baby Shower

We are well into baby shower season here at Pretty Little Party Shop and supplies for baby showers are simply flying off our shelves, from mini milk bottles to bunting and paper poms, baby showers are such a fun way to indulge the inner-party-planner in us all!

Once seen as an American tradition the popularity of baby showers is soaring in the UK, according to a poll two thirds of British women have a pre-birth party!

I am a relative new comer to the Baby Shower, I didn't have Showers with my first two children and to be completely honest thought it a little over-indulgent. However when I was pregnant last year with number three some very dear freinds of mine got together and threw a surprise shower...I am now a complete convert! 

My baby shower was a dreamy day that I will never ever forget. A fabulous group of my favourite people were there and it was extra special as they also included my Mum, I was so touched and overwhelmed by the whole beautiful day and I truly belive that it was not only great fun but helped me prepare emotionally for the arrival of my newest little man.

So I thought I would share with you some photo's of my own baby shower although I must add that all of the ideas and styling were down to my fabulously talented friends. They themed the Shower as a 'Vintage Toy Shop' and this was repeated in all the llittle details such as the invitations, little old fashioned toys decorated the tables and check out the gorgeous bunting and personalised favour bags (handmade by Lucy, I must add that a range of her beautiful bags are sold here). We sipped champagne from vintage style mini milk bottles and the girls had taken care to provide all of my favourite foods! There was an awful lot of chat and relaxing in the sun but we managed a party game (care of Bex) involving nappies and varieties of melted chocolate (I'll say no more) and each guest brought with them a baby photo so we played a who's who? Everyone left with one of Lucy's handmade bags, personalised with their initial, each contained 'Jo's Party Shower' personalised love heart sweets and handmade lemon balm lipsalve. Every one of the special guests filled out a short 'dear baby' questionnaire (designed by Abigail Fahey as were the invites), everyone took time to pen their own hopes and suggestions of things to come for the baby, so now my little man has his very own keepsake of this special day.

So if you are expecting your own little addition to your family throw a shower or host one for a freind or relative. What could be a better excuse to spend time with the women you love and celebrate babies, children, family and friends!

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