Clear Balloon Ideas

by Jo Williams April 20, 2013

Pretty Little Party Shop sells all sorts of transparent balloons, our 11" Diamond Clear Balloons and our 11" Polka Dot Clear Balloons and our great Big 36" Balloons as well as our confetti filled Balloons. Clear balloons have been used by decor professionals for a long time and it is only recently that people have started to use these as part of their own party and wedding decor.

Clear balloons are very versatile. On their own they create a stylish classy display but there are many other ways we can use these balloons to create something individual and unique.


3ft round balloon in the shop

11" Diamond Clear Balloons

Clear Balloons Filled with Gold Glitter

Double stuffed balloons: Double stuffed balloons add wow factor! Impress your friends, these are really easy to do if you take your time.  To double stuff a balloon gentle ease a plain coloured balloon inside your clear one (it may help to slide your plain balloon onto a pencil end and then insert it). Line up the ends of your balloons together and if you are blowing them up or using a pump hold the inner balloon opening to one side and blow the outer balloon first (do not inflate fully yet) then inflate the inner balloon to your required size and if necessary add a little more air to the outer balloon. Finish off by tying both balloon ends together. 

11" Clear Polka Dot Balloons combined with plain

11" Diamond Clear balloon filled with a plain pink balloon


Jo Williams
Jo Williams


Jo Williams is the Creative Director of Pretty Little Party Shop. Jo has been the spearhead of creating new party trends for over six years. There is no-one better qualified to bring you the newest, coolest and most innovative ideas from the party and balloon world.

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Birthday party

my order arrived on time, the balloon were sensational!
Will come back!

They look very elegant


These don't come assembled so allow yourself enough time for folding the foil into strips and attaching with bands. Looked lovely on the fireplace (not lit!)

Order enough

This only filled 2 numbers and two 16in orbs so definitely order more than you need and note it gets expensive!!! Do a design that allows you to use air and hang upside down and save helium for where you really need it.

Just what I needed

Guess what- it was perfect for a hen party! Top quality.