We Filled The Greenhouse With Balloons

Balloons From Seed?

We recently organised a photo shoot for some of the shops lovely new products. As it was due to be a sunny day and as I was emptying our rickety old greenhouse ready for its timely demolition I thought it would be fun to somehow include it in some of the shots. So what could be more apt than to fill it with balloons! I hurriedly started blowing them up (yes no gadgetry involved just plain ol' puff) and was thinking what a super idea this was...an hour later with only the floor of the greenhouse covered, red cheeked and parched I wasn't feeling quite so jolly!

I love the results though, well done again to the super camera action of Abigail Fahey

A balloon filled egreenhous

What a way to showcase these gorgeous bright balloons...and the children had a ball emptying the greenhouse of them all!

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