Balloon Garlands - Styling Tips & Tutorial

Balloon Garland Styling Tips

Balloon Garlands are the new hot trend at events and parties. The modern generation of balloon garlands and arches are much less formal and more creative than your standard retro balloon arch or column. They combine different sizes of balloons and often contain different textures such as foliage and paper decorations. These Modern Balloon Garlands seriously pack a punch in terms of impact colour and style.

The new trend in balloon garlands is set to become even bigger this year. There are so many reasons to love them, not only do they simply look amazing but you don't need helium, they last for weeks and what's more you can create them yourself with no prior experience in about 45 minutes (dependent on size). 

To make balloon garlands you can either use a Balloon Garland Kit like the ones we have created or you could make one yourself from scratch, there are a number of great Balloon Garland DIY's on the internet such as this one from....

The creative possibilities with balloon garlands are endless, you can really let loose and get creative styling your garland to go with any event. Here are a few of my favourite balloon garlands from across the internet:

Ballooon Garland - 100LayerCake

Use a Balloon Garland to create a centrepiece at your party like this one from 100 layer Cake. Add dramatic foliage for a really exotic finish.

Dascoisinhas has finished her garland with paper leaves, creating this pretty tropical backdrop for a dessert table.


This gorgeous modern balloon arch uses white balloons for the main structure and is embellished with confetti filled clear balloons and a cascading silver curtain garland. (image unknown from Pinterest)

Balloon Garland Events

This garland is a wonderful example of how garlands can be combined with a few signature balloons. Biel events have added some larger round balloons, metallic hearts and gold metallic round balloons and some black marble balloons to create this fun cheeky display.

Balloon Garland - Karas party ideas

Balloon Garlands make dramatic table decorations. This gorgeous garland, using 5" balloons and adorned with pretty foliage is part of a Woodland themed Party on Karas Party Ideas.

 Balloon Garland Oh Happy Day

Garlands can be used on a grand scale too! Check out these amazing balloon garlands made from standard balloons combined with huge 36" balloons. Image by Oh Happy Day


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