Make Your Balloon Garland Extra Special - Tutorial DIY

Balloon Garlands Made Extra Special!

Our Single Colour Balloon Garland Kits are so easy to create and will provide the perfect backdrop or entrance to your party. Our kits come in many colours and look stunning just on their own or linked together to create a large colour block garland. If you like to customise and personalise your party decor these garlands are so simple to pimp-up to create something with extra pizzazz!

There are so many things that you can add to your garlands, 18" Balloons or 36" Balloons, Fun Foil Shapes, Tassels and Letters. Here are just a few ideas:

Plain Balloon Garland Kit Installations

Add some Four Point Star Balloons and throw over strands of a Pastel Tassel Curtain and voila!

Balloon Garland installation pinkBalloon Garland Tutorial

Using large number balloons or script balloons are a great way to personalise your garland, attach them with sticky dots. Take some strands of Foil Curtain Tassels and simply hang them over your garland.

Balloon Cloud Tutorial

Gorgeous Chrome Orb Balloons look simply stunning tied into these Balloon Garlands (here is a link on how to inflate these with plain air). Our Metallic Fringe can be easily draped through for added bling!

Balloon Garland Installation DIY

These Balloon Garland Kits can also be made into Balloon Clouds for you to hang from the ceiling. Once you have created your long garland, simply fold in half, twist some of the balloons together and you have a gorgeous fluffy balloon cloud!

Balloon Cloud Tutorial



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