Christmas Balloon Backdrop Tutorial - Easy DIY

Christmas Balloon Backdrop Tutorial

We've received loads of messages asking how we created our Christmas Balloon Backdrop. It was super easy and would look incredible at any festive celebration, here is how we did it!

     You will need:

Creating this balloon display is so easy! You will need either strong sticky tape or a cool glue gun. This may mark your walls, test firstly or put this together against a backdrop. 

Step 1: Inflate all the balloons, ideally with a hand held or electric balloon pump.

Step 2: For the presents we used Cubez Balloons, tye them with 2" wide ribbon exactly as if you were tying a huge present!  There is a great tutorial for puff gift bows here.

Step 3: Begin sticking the balloons to the wall using your mounting tape, we started with the foil round balloons and the crescent to create the base and worked upwards.

Step 4: Once you have a base layer add on other balloons on top to cover any gaps

Step 5: Pile up more large cubez and orb balloons at the base, you could even add in some candy cane balloons, honeycomb balls or small latex balloons if you wish. We have a wonderful selection of Christmas balloons here that you could use!

Step 6: Sit back and admire your work. See, I told you it was easy!
christmas Balloon Installation
Christmas Balloon Wall Display
 Christmas foil Balloon Garland
 Christmas Foil Balloon Backdrop
Christmas Balloon Backdrop Tutorial DIY
Christmas Balloon Backdrop DIY Tutorial
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