February 07, 2017


Clear Bubble Balloons - Tips & Tricks

We are delighted that we now sell Bubble Balloons! Bubble Balloons are very different to latex balloons. They are made from a clear stretchy plastic (not latex) and once inflated are perfectly clear (even Diamond Clear Latex Balloons don't have the same transparency). They are also a lovely round beach ball shape. Bubbles are the 'go to' balloon for large elegant events and weddings due to their magical transparency, they look particularly glorious with a tassel or garland attached to them. Bubbles are also widely used to pop out of a box when delivered as a gift (as they not only look great but are durable enough to travel by post inflated).

Generally you can usually only find Bubble Balloons in the hands of Balloon Professionals and Events Decorators as being so unlike standard balloons make them a little trickier to deal with if you don't know how, but with a few simple tips and tricks we can show you how you can DIY your own gorgeous balloon and inflate it at home.

Bubble Balloons Filled with Foliage
Bubble Balloons can only be inflated using Helium, the pressurised helium stretches the plastic to form its beautiful round shape. They also do not have a valve and cannot be tied so are sealed using a modelling balloon (it's easy when you know how! See tutorial below). 
Bubble Balloons look amazing filled with confetti, feathers, foliage other little balloons but be warned they have a very small opening in which you can insert things. Strips of torn tissue paper, long feathers, even foliage and flowers as long as they are very narrow, can be inserted into the balloon before any air is added. Please note that confetti will not stick to the sides of the Bubble Balloons (like with latex) anything that you add will pool at the base of the balloon.
Confetti Bubble Balloons
Take a look at our Bubble Inflation Tutorial:

PLPS Helium Balloon Tutorial from Abigail Fahey on Vimeo.

To Summarise:
 - Helium fill only following instructions on the packaging
 - Tie very tightly with modelling balloon (included) following instructions on the packaging - Once tied cut the balloon tie short to reduce any added weight.
 - Add narrow strips of confetti/rolled up confetti or feathers etc
 - NOTE: the opening on 24" Bubbles is slightly Larger than 22" Bubbles therefore better for filling
 - NOTE: A bubble balloon filled with helium does not have a great lift, fill sparsely and don't add too much weight or it will not float (see our helium and lift guide)

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