DIY Balloon Wreath Decoration - Party Tutorial

by Jo Williams November 08, 2018


I love cheerful and fun Christmas party decorations and they don't come much merrier than this cool balloon wreath! Put it on your front door or above your mantle, it will stay looking good for at least a couple of weeks or more.

This balloon wreath is incredibly quick and simple to make; all the materials you need are a length of wire, a few handfuls of balloons and a pump - that is it!

DIY Balloon Wreath


-  4ft length of wire - I used 8ft of floral wire and doubled it to make it stronger

- 5" balloons in a mix of colours (approx 40 total)

- Ideally a balloon pump as 5" balloons are hard to inflate by mouth

Balloon Wreath Tutorial

Firstly inflate all of your balloons, it is important to underinflated them to keep them a nice round plump shape like baubles. Inflate them to a variety of sizes between 2" and 3.5".

Balloon Garland wreath diy tutorial

As you can see I doubled the wire to make the wreath stronger. Tie each balloon directly on to the wire.

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Continue to add balloons, tying them to the wire and then pushing them together, continue until all the balloons have been added. Once completed attach the two ends to form a circle by winding them together. If the ends are sharp then cover them with some gaffer tape. Move or manipulate your balloons to ensure all gaps are covered and then shape your wire into a wreath shape.

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

I've given instructions to make a wreath but using the same technique you can make a table garland, a mini arch or even balloon garland letters or numbers; simply bend the wire into the shape you require.

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

 Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wreath Tutorial DIY

Jo Williams
Jo Williams


Jo Williams is the Creative Director of Pretty Little Party Shop. Jo has been the spearhead of creating new party trends for over six years. There is no-one better qualified to bring you the newest, coolest and most innovative ideas from the party and balloon world.

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