How To Make Encanto Themed Personalised Balloons

Easy To Make Encanto Party Balloons Tutorial

Encanto themed parties are as popular as ever! Anyone who has watched the movie will know why. With fun and inspirational characters, wonderful songs and some really great lines, both kids and adults alike have fallen in love with the film. 

We have some great Encanto balloons and decorations in the store, however recently we wanted to create a fun and unique bunch of balloons so used our favourite quotes from the movie to create this crazy bunch! As it is probably the quickest and easiest DIY ever we thought we would share it with you!

This method can be used to simply personalise a balloon with a childs name or to create a bunch of balloons for any theme. To buy personalised balloons can be extremely expensive but with this method you can create lots of balloons for a fraction of the cost!

We use Chalk Markers to personalise balloons. Vinyl is expensive and time consuming, permanent makers require an accurate hand and remove the colour from the foil. Chalk Markers are fantastic - they go on wet and mistakes can be wiped away and easily adjusted so no wasted balloons! When dry the chalk stays firmly in place even when handled, plus they give a lovely matte chalky finish.

Supplies required:

- Plain foil balloons

- Chalk markers

- A disposable helium canister - We used one of our small F30's. One small canister will fill 18 of these round foil balloons

Balloon ribbon and balloon weights

- A damp sponge and dry tissue

 We hope you enjoyed our tutorial, please do give it a go for your next party and create your own party decor that is totally unique!

Personalised Encanto Balloons DIY

Personalised Encanto Quote Balloons DIY

Personalised Encanto Quote Balloons DIY

Personalised Encanto Quote Balloons DIY

Personalised Encanto Quote Balloons DIY

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