Make Giant Christmas Baubles using Balloons - Easy Online Tutorial

Giant Christmas Baubles - Tutorial

 We make balloon baubles every year! They give a lot of festive bang for their buck! Quick, easy and inexpensive, you can use latex balloons like we did here or use foil orb balloons to create super shiny baubles. We used smaller balloons to create this table centerpiece however you can use the same method to create giant baubles to fill a larger space; hang them from the ceiling for a Christmas party perhaps or even from trees outside.

Make Giant Christmas Baubles from Balloons
Giant Christmas Baubles with Balloons
You will need:
Metallic cardstock
Latex balloons
Glue/glue dots/or a cold glue gun
You can use any size balloons for these ornaments I used 5" and 11" for this table decorations but you can also use 18", 24" and huge 36" balloons for giant baubles to hang from a ceiling. Cut a strip of card to your desired size for the ornament topper. Mine were  2″ by 10" for the 11" Balloons and 1.5" x 8.5" for the 5" balloons. Glue the ends of the strip together, then glue a circle of card to the top of the cylinder you just made then cut a small strip of card aprox 0.5" x 3" and form a loop to create the top of the bauble stick it to the circle using glue dots. Last but not least, use a cold glue gun or glue dots to stick your ornament topper to your balloon, covering up the balloon’s tail. Done!
DIY Giant Christmas Bauble Balloons
DIY Christmas Baubles with Balloons - Easy Tutorial
DIY Christmas Baubles with Balloons - Easy Tutorial
DIY Christmas Baubles with Balloons - Easy Tutorial
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