Giant Foil Balloon Four Ways

by Jo Williams June 21, 2017

I love balloons, I love the simplicity of them and I love the reaction they get from people but what I love most is how creative you can be with such a simple and inexpensive object.

Recently I came across a blog post from one of my favourite blogs StudioDIY where they had cleverly created emojis using balloons, I was totally inspired and it got me thinking how easily a balloon can be transformed using a little imagination and a small amount of glue dots! So I grabbed a giant Pink Heart Balloon and I was off...

Pink Heart and star emoji balloon

Pink Heart First Birthday Balloon

Pink Heart in Chains Balloon

Poisoned Ivy Heart Balloon

 - Heart & Star Emoji Balloon (Inspired by StudioDIY)  - I used a Giant Raspberry Heart Balloon and two Gold Four Point Star Balloons

 - First Birthday Heart Balloon - I used a Giant Raspberry Heart Balloon and a White Gold One Balloon

- Heart in Chains Balloon - I used a Giant Raspberry Heart Balloon and Gold and Silver Chain Garland Balloons

 - Poisoned Ivy Balloon - I used a Giant Raspberry Heart Balloon and an Ivy Garland


Jo Williams
Jo Williams


Jo Williams is the Creative Director of Pretty Little Party Shop. Jo has been the spearhead of creating new party trends for over six years. There is no-one better qualified to bring you the newest, coolest and most innovative ideas from the party and balloon world.

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They look very elegant


These don't come assembled so allow yourself enough time for folding the foil into strips and attaching with bands. Looked lovely on the fireplace (not lit!)

Order enough

This only filled 2 numbers and two 16in orbs so definitely order more than you need and note it gets expensive!!! Do a design that allows you to use air and hang upside down and save helium for where you really need it.

Just what I needed

Guess what- it was perfect for a hen party! Top quality.


Took forever to blow up but worth it! Only needed them for 2 nights but a week later they're still alive. :)