how to Create a Balloon Garland - Easy Instructions UK

How to Create a Balloon Garland

Making a balloon garland is easier than you may think! You can make these in any length to suit your event and even double them up to make wider garlands, clouds and backdrops. Balloon garlands give a whole lot of 'bang for your buck' and the best thing; they will stay looking great for weeks!

Pick from our huge range of latex balloon colours (we have over 100 colours in stock) 

You will need:

  1. Balloons in different sizes.
    We recommend for a 2m garland using:
  2. String or fishing line
  3. Scissors
  4. A balloon pump
Our friends at Partydeco have shared their easy way to make a professional looking balloon garland. Follow the tutorial video and have a go! Contact us if you have any questions or need any advice. Happy Ballooning!

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