How to Make a Bubblegum Balloon Full of Smile Balloons

How To Make A Bubblegum Smile Balloon | Easy Bubblegum Balloon Tutorial

This balloon will bring your joy! I cannot think of a more cheerful balloon than this Bubble Balloon full of bright yellow smiley face balloons, it is adorable!

This balloon is also pretty easy to make. Check out our video tutorial below:

Supplies required:

- A disposable helium canister - We used one of our small F30's. One bubblegum balloon full of smiles will only require 1.3 cubic ft of helium so there will be lots left in your canister!

- One 24" Bubble Balloon

- 12 x 5" Smile Balloons

- Balloon ribbon and a weight

- A straw or pencil

TIP: Tie tightly as per the instructions. The balloon will stay inflated for 2-3 days if filled fully and properly tied.

TIP: Use the same method to fill a bubble with rainbow coloured balloons pr other 5" balloons  to match a colour theme.

  We hope you enjoyed our tutorial, it really is very easy to make expert looking balloon displays at home for a fraction of the cost of hiring the professionals. Give it a go and let us know how you got on.

Balloons inside a Bubble Balloon Tutorial DIY

Balloons inside a Bubble Balloon Tutorial DIY

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