Easy and Cheap Party Chandelier Party Decorations

Oh So Simple Party Chandelier DIY

These fun and eye-catching party chandeliers make a statement at any celebration! Hang indoors our outdoors (as they wont mind the weather) and hang in clusters for best effect.

We love these chandeliers because:

Bright and impactful - Inexpensive - lightweight so are easy to hang anywhere - can be used outside - will last and last and last - reusable - super easy- quick to make - no gluing required 

All you need to make a set of two chandeliers is:


Work out how long you would like your garland to hang. We recommend 60cm for long chandeliers and 30cm for shorter ones. Cut 2.5cm wide lengths of the plastic tablecloth, DOUBLE the length that you want the chandelier to hang. (120cm for long, 60cm for short)

Cut identically sized lengths from the entire tablecloth. Approximately one plastic tablecloth will make one chandelier, long large chandelier.

Loop tie the centre of each length of plastic to the metal hoop and work your way around the hoop until it it full.

Tie on some fishing line and hang.

Here is our handy video to show just how easy they are. Enjoy!







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