DIY Pinata in 30 minutes - Homemade Pinata Tutorial

Posted by Jo Williams

How to make a Giant Piñata in just 30 minutes!

The piñata is the pièce de résistance of any children's party. There are many piñata in the shops but in our house it has become a family tradition to make the party piñata. It is a fun and inexpensive project and it really increases the excitement to have it hanging up in our house in the days before the party. What is more if you make your own you can make it fit in with the party theme or colour scheme perfectly.

There are many methods to make a piñata and we have attempted them all! This is by far the easiest and quickest that I have come across! We made a Giant Beach Ball Piñata but the same method would work with any piñata based around a globe shape. These are so easy to make that my children now make their own.

You will need:

Newspaper (strips of approx 3" by 3")
Flour Paste (aprox 1 part flour to 2 parts water) 
PVA Glue
Large Round Balloon
Paper Fringe Garlands



Without counting the time taken to dry the piñata this whole project should take around 10 minutes each papier mache layer and then another 10-20 minutes to decorate with fringing.


- Firstly inflate a big balloon to your required size. Our big balloons inflate to 36" (3ft) which is very large so we inflated to around 20". 

- Make up your flour paste. The great thing about flour glue is that it is virtually free! Mix a paste to a consistency of double cream. 

- Use nice big generous strips of newspaper as this takes less time than small pieces to cover your balloon. Dip the paper in the paste then cover the balloon leaving a circle of 2" wide at the base of the balloon (this is so that you can fill your piñata). You don't need to be neat!

- Leave to dry (in the summer it will dry in the sun very quickly, in winter I dry in a warm oven (the oven should not be too hot, ideally one that has been heated and then turned off) or alternatively next to a radiator or dehumidifier.

- When dry add a second layer of newspaper and leave to dry again. if you are making for adults add a third layer to make it extra-strong.

- When completely dry pop and remove the balloon.

- To create a handle to hang your pinata - using a skewer or other sharp implement insert two holes one either side of your stuffing hole, insert a length of string to hang.

- Now to cover the piñata. This can be done with strips of tissue/crepe paper, cut into fringes and apply, but I have found a far quicker method and that is to use fringe garlands! This method is super quick and easy.

Product Image

- To apply the fringe garlands I use PVA (it is less messy that the flour glue), Use a pencil to outline your design and then get creative!! Leave some overhang from the garland to stuff inside the piñata's hole; It's not too clear in this image below but if you leave a good six inches of garland hanging over the hole then once you have filled the piñata you can stuff this over-hang inside, this will seal the hole and hide it ready to hang.

 - Hang and bash!

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