Balloon Wand Tutorial DIY

Balloon Wands Three Ways

Mini balloon wands are a lovely addition to a birthday party or wedding. Children love to wave them around and they are a gorgeous gift for them to take away with them. Simple, quick and inexpensive to make they can be coordinated with any theme or colour scheme. Here are three that we made in five minutes flat!

PLEASE NOTE: Plastic Balloon Sticks are no longer available, use paper straws instead. Simply attach the balloon to the straw withh a piece of washi tape and at the same time attach tassels, mini honeycombs, ribbons etc. Finish by covering the top of the straw with a strip of washi tape.

Mini Balloon Wand tutorial

Items used:   Paper Straws | 5" Clear balloons | Rainbow Confetti Sprinkles | Lengths of Organza Ribbon | Washi TapeBalloon Wand DIY Tutorial

Items used:   Paper Straws | lilac 5" Balloons | Assorted Beverage Napkins | instructions to make tassels | Gold Glitter Alphabet Stickers | Washi Tape

Balloon Wand tutorial

 Items used:  Paper Straws | 5" Black Balloons | Lengths of Satin Ribbon | Mini Honeycomb Balls | Red Washi Tape

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