Happy Sunny Yellow Party

 If you are ever stuck for a theme for your party it can be a great idea to create a party around colour. I think sticking to one colour can work well and also creates a real impact. This pretty and cheerful yellow party was my choice for my Son's third Birthday but would be particularly good for young children or a baby shower. You could very easily create this same look in any colour of your choice.

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How this party was created:

DIY's and points of interest:

Pretty Edged Tablecloth: I used a plain White Paper Tablecloth and cut around the to create a scalloped pattern.

Balloons Cupcake Toppers: So easy to create using our Tiny 5" Balloons. Here is how.

Happy Bunting: I made this HAPPY Bunting simply by cutting out the letters on our Treat Bags and stick them with glue to a piece of ribbon.

Plate Wall Art: Stick Glitter Letter Stickers to paper plates and pop the plates on the wall with blue tack - couldn't be simpler!

Pinata Balloons - These Big Yellow Balloons doubled up as pinata's. We popped in some confetti and Kinder Surprise Eggs before we inflated them with air. The kids then chased them around the garden until they burst and released their goodies (this took some time).

Cake Frill: The cake frill was made using some of the left over Crepe Paper Streamers that we used to decorate the tables. We simply made a scalloped edge and wrapped it around the cake, what is more it covers any imperfections!

The Decorations:

Crepe Paper Streamers were laid down the middle of the tables to add colour.

Big Round 36" Yellow Balloon with a selection of Fringe Garlands to form the balloon tails these balloons were used as Pinatas and filled with treats and air (not helium and left on the floor to play with).

A selection of Latex Balloons and Foil Balloons in shades of yellow and a Big Silver Foil Number Three formed a balloon bouquet.

Paper Honeycombs and Fans formed a backdrop, some were hung from the ceiling and some stuck to the wall to create a large group.

Party Hats and Mini Party Hats decorated the tables waiting for the children. 

Yellow Throwing Confetti adorned the party table

Mini Honeycomb Balls were used as a table centerpiece.

On The Tables:

Blue paper Tablecloths and a mixture of Yellow and Sunshine Yellow and Ivory paper plates combined with a Yellow Striped Napkins created the table settings.

French Style Square Plastic Bottles with straw holes were used for drinks with yellow star straws. We decorated the bottles with Yellow Striped Washi Tape.

For Party bags we used Yellow Sailor Striped Treat Bags  and sealed them with Yellow Striped Washi Tape.

Yellow Star Baking Cups held the cupcakes. with our Mini Balloon toppers.