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Mini Glass Milk Bottles 250ml (6 pack)

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Mini Glass Milk Bottles - Just like school mini milk bottles we used as children. These mini glass milk bottles are perfect for serving drinks at any occasion, whether it be a party or wedding or for a picnic. These are a great size as they are very cute but not too small, holding 8.8oz they are a perfect size for drinks and also easy to wash! They are also great as decoration or for flowers as a table display. These clear glass 'vintage' style bottles also come with rubber lined gold screw-on lids making them ideal for parties and celebrations or as take home gifts. They can be used time and time again. To customise your bottles with name labels or tape see here.

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Pack Quantity:  6                Size: 15.5cm (6.1") tall, 5.5cm diameter and hold 250ml (8.8oz)

Please note: the small caps make them a choking hazard for young children, so these bottles are not advised for children's usage without direct adult supervision. Remove the caps before serving to children.